Revealed: 4 Best E-Commerce Platforms to Successfully Sell On Facebook

The shopping experience is changing at a high rate. Customers are no longer using the bricks and motors to shop. They love online shopping which gives them the convenience of finding quality products. Millions of customers prefer shopping from Facebook because they will get an opportunity to share jokes with friends and at the same time search for the best products. Thus, you need to use an e-commerce platform that will make you stand out from your competitors. Here are 4 best platforms that will help you to sell on Facebook successfully:


There are millions of factors you can consider when selecting an e-commerce platform. However, Shopify has advanced features that cater for both small and enterprise businesses. The greatest thing about Shopify is the design. It will allow you to create a professional design that will convince the customers to make purchases. It comes with the customization feature to allow you to change the look of your Facebook shop. You can easily add your business logo to tell the customers more about the products. Also, it will protect your business from destruction. It has a reliable security feature to prevent hackers from destroying your Facebook shop.


Another largee-commerce platform that will allow you to sell on Facebook successfully is the BigCommerce. You can easily integrate BigCommerce with Facebook at no cost. It comes with the management feature to allow you to manage the inventories as well as orders automatically. BigCommerce is excellent because of its security feature. It comes with the SSL and PCI features to protect the customers’ information.


Ecwind should be your priority if you have budgetary constraints. It will allow you to sell on Facebook for free. The good thing about Ecwind is that it cares for all the retailers. If you are a starter, worrying about how you will create your Facebook shop should not be your part. Ecwind comes with ready-made templates to help you achieve this. You will only drag and drop them and customize to look unique. Also, this platform comes with cheap pricing. You will only pay $ 15 per month.


Magento is best for the enterprise business. However, if you own a small business and your budget matches with that of Magento, you can give it a priority. It comes with a pricing of $ 20,000 and the amount increases. Magento is great because it will allow you to sell unlimited products. With this, you will assure the customers tofind different items on your Facebook shop.